The Women’s Fund is fiercely committed to investing in and amplifying social change for women and girls, funding what others won’t fund.

Since 2002, we’ve invested in programs that promise to create real social change in our community—driving economic empowerment and leadership for women and girls. This amounts to over 250 programs receiving over $3.6 million to create long-term solutions.

In 2021, The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio invested $251,900 in 21 grant partners who will continue to move the needle for positive social change and gender equity.

We are proud to support our community with impactful funding, and when we saw the disproportionate impacts of COVID-19 on women and girls, particularly those of color, we knew more had to be done. In response, and for the first time ever, we launched an immediate impact grantmaking program, focused on relief and rebuilding for those on the frontlines of the crisis, and those most impacted by it.

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