Social Change Shifts

As a leader of social change for the sake of women and girls in our community, we’re focused on tackling the root causes of problems. We look to the five “shifts” of social change to indicate that root cause change is happening in society:

Shifts in definition

The issue is defined differently in the community or larger society.

For example, “going green” becomes a mainstream definition as the result of environmental awareness and action.

Shifts in behavior

People behave differently in the community or larger society.

For example, people recycle at greater rates and buy energy efficient appliances.

Shifts in engagement

People in the community or larger society are more engaged in your issue.

For example, people attend talks and information sessions on environmental issues.

Shifts in policy

An institutional, organizational, or legislative policy or practice has changed.

For example, the local school district enacts a “no idling” policy for school buses.

Maintaining or holding the line

Earlier progress on the issue has been maintained in the face of opposition.

For example, a bill to ease clean water standards is defeated.