A Note to Our Community

The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio acknowledges and celebrates Kamala Harris, the first woman, Black woman, and South Asian woman to become vice president of the United States. We celebrate the record numbers of Black Women, Latinx women, Native women,  and LGBTQIA people who not only ran for office in 2020, but made history by winning their seats. Breaking through glass ceilings is the first step to advancing women’s leadership and making way for more to follow.

Yet, there is significant work to be done.

Representation alone does not solve the issues facing women and girls, and social change is a long game. The Women’s Fund is committed to holding elected officials accountable, knowing that our systems and structures have never fully supported women.

Women of color and their families are still the most affected by the economic impact of the pandemic, women are leaving the workforce en masse, and it’s never been more evident that our communities rely on the unpaid labor provided by women.

We must put women, especially women of color, front and center as we rebuild our communities with equitable solutions that level the playing field for all people. Our work is more critical than ever, and The Women’s Fund will not let women go unseen or be unheard.