2020 Grant Partner Spotlight Series: Part 6

June 26, 2020

Our collective power creates social change that transforms the lives of women and girls. We invest in building the capacity of grant partners who make long-lasting change a reality. Through our Grant Partner Spotlight series, we’re proud to share with you the tremendous work they’re doing.
Featured in this edition: Muslim Family Services of Ohio registers and educates voters, Equitas Health creates a virtual self-care series, and Central Ohio Women in the Trades builds an online resource for tradeswomen.

Muslim Family Services of Ohio

Muslim Family Services of Ohio strives to build strong families, stabilizing those in crisis and empowering families to achieve self-sufficiency. The Women’s Fund invests in the New Voter – Smart Voter program that empowers a community of new and potential voters to be well-informed about their voting and civic rights. 

Muslim Family Services creates social change by engaging women to not only register to vote, but also actively engage in the political process. Immigrant and refugee women face significant barriers in the community. English literacy acquisition and acclimation to cultural norms surrounding civic involvement are key to empowering these women to reach their potential to lead independent lives. New Voter – Smart Voter provides the tools and resources to community members to help them be actively prepared as a voter and civically engaged.

Leading up to Ohio’s primary election in April, New Voter-Smart Voter volunteers mobilized to make sure voters could request absentee ballots. Volunteers dropped off absentee request forms on doorsteps and used their weekly food distribution as an opportunity to educate and inform voters. As new general election information is available to meet the needs of voting amid COVID-19 restrictions, Muslim Family Services will adapt programming and outreach.

“We are committed to meeting our scholars’ technology needs so every one of them can advance educationally alongside their more affluent peers. Research shows that one in five K-12 students do not have computer or internet access to complete coursework at home, with low-income families and students of color having greater lack of access. Providing Chromebooks to USN scholars is helping remove several learning barriers they now face without access to school or public libraries”
– Taylor Trejo, Development Manager

Equitas Health

Equitas Health is a regional nonprofit community healthcare system and is one of the largest health care organizations in the U.S. serving the LGBTQ+ community. The Women’s Fund funds Equitas Health Institute’s LBTQ+ sex education curriculum development. For many LBTQ+ youth, sexual education in the classroom fails to address their identities, behaviors, and experiences. Working closely with community partner organizations and LBTQ+ youth, the Equitas Health Institute creates social change through the development of culturally-appropriate sexual health education for lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer youth.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Equitas Heath will be launching a series called Hey Gurl Hey: A Virtual Self-Care Drop-In for Femme, Enby, & GNC-Identified People. Launching in mid-July, this 8-session series is open to all, and centered for femme-identified people (including cis and trans women, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming folks*) ages 16-29, to come together virtually and cope through the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine. Registration is required.
*Click here for a resource on the living and evolving language used by the LGBTQ+ community.

Central Ohio Women in the Trades

Central Ohio Women in the Trades encourages women’s economic and social empowerment and addresses gender bias across skilled trades by promoting pay equity in the construction industry; offering skilled trade workshops and public education; and providing mentorship and support to current tradeswomen and those entering an apprenticeship.

The Women’s Fund invests in Build Up!, a program that builds a strong foundation of tradeswomen through the facilitation of women’s committees and mentorship programs that establish sisterhood and create a springboard for tradeswomen to assume leadership roles. Central Ohio Women in the Trades creates social change by empowering tradeswomen leaders to influence change in the construction trade culture. 

Currently, training and mentoring sessions are hosted virtually, and Central Ohio Women in the Trades is pivoting to build a more robust online resource.

“Central Ohio Women in the Trades has extended monthly virtual meetings with local tradeswomen in an effort to see what issues or concerns are currently in place. We are in the process of creating an interactive online portal to support our women’s committee and mentorship program training. This page will have video presentations, printable materials, links for community resources, and information on local policy that affects women in the skilled trades. The goal of this interactive portal is to create a place where a tradeswoman can go to find all the information and resources she will need to create successful women’s committees and mentorship programs within her local unions, as well as offer personal support structure.”

– Jill Connor, Central Ohio Women in the Trades