Holding the line and pushing for progress

A Letter from Kelley Griesmer, President & CEO

Dear Changemakers,

As we move into another month of the COVID-19 crisis, The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio is here for you as a resource, advocate, and partner.

Increasingly, reports show that the pandemic and the resulting economic crisis impose a greater adverse effect on women and girls, globally and locally. Women make up 67% of worldwide healthcare workers and 52% of all essential workers nationally. Violence against women has increased with stay-at-home orders. School and daycare closures have forced many mothers to choose between working and caregiving — or try to juggle both. From immediate health risks to physical safety concerns to long-term economic losses, women stand to lose ground on the road to equality — now and potentially for years to come.

At The Women’s Fund, we know that creating social change sometimes means holding the line: maintaining the progress we’ve already made toward gender equality so we can continue to move forward. We’re determined to counteract the negative effects of COVID-19 on women’s health, wages, representation, and rights. Our efforts include: 

  • Supporting the crucial work of our 28 grant partners, all of whom are actively creating social change for women and girls;
  • Launching a newsletter called Holding the Line: Gender Equity & COVID-19 to help deepen your understanding of how this crisis disproportionately affects the lives of all women and girls;
  • Advocating for policies that empower women and accelerate economic security, including those that provide access to adequate paid leave benefits, child care, and stimulus funding.

For decades, we’ve been encouraging our community to come together, in solidarity and strength, to advance equity and transform the lives of women and girls. This pandemic must not stop our important work and we won’t let it. Just as we’ve come together to stop the spread of the virus, we can also stop the spread of its harmful impacts on women and girls.

Please help us hold the line and keep moving forward. Sign up for our  newsletter Holding the Line: Gender Equity & COVID-19. Make a gift to help us support our grant partners, commission research, and advocate for social change throughout this crisis and beyond.

Together, we are The Women’s Fund and we will continue to create gender equality despite the obstacles before us.

With gratitude and hope,

Kelley Griesmer
President & CEO