Keyholder Postponed

At The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio, our annual Keyholder event brings together a community of changemakers to fund and celebrate our mission to transform the lives of women and girls. When we chose the name Keyholder almost 20 years ago, it was an acknowledgement that each and every one of us holds a key to unlocking their potential and, throughout the years, thousands of donors have joined us with their fierce commitment to gender equality and equity. While we must postpone Keyholder on May 13 due to COVID-19, it’s more critical than ever that we continue to courageously invest in women and girls both during this public health crisis and throughout the recovery. 

History tells us that health epidemics have a disproportionately negative impact on women and girls. A statement by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Prosperity begins: “The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is not gender neutral, as it affects men and women differently. Therefore, we must not be gender blind in our responses to the pandemic, or else women will carry a disproportionately higher economic cost than men.”

As our community knows so well, women and girls must be keenly involved and thoughtfully considered in the decisions made during this health crisis, and gender equity must be a priority in the recovery. You hold the key to making sure that happens when you fund our work to economically empower women and open doors for their leadership during this historic time.  

The Women’s Fund is strong because of the strength of all of you who share our vision and commitment. In the days and weeks ahead, we’ll be in frequent contact with you about the mission-critical work we must do.

Please join The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio now —in advocacy and action— to create social change for the sake of gender equality. Make a gift to help us meet the demands of the current pandemic and move forward on our long-term goals. 

Together, we are The Women’s Fund and our collective power is the key to social change.

Invest now.

Have questions? Please reach out to us at keyholder@womensfundcentralohio.org or call 614.225.9926.