2020 Grants: More funding than ever invested in programs serving women of color

The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio announced today its largest annual grants investment to date with a total of $335,500 going to 28 grant partners in 2020. Programs awarded funding are creating social change for women and girls through economic empowerment and leadership development opportunities in central Ohio.

Since 2002, The Women’s Fund has made over $3.6 million in grants to build the capacity of 256 programs in central Ohio. Through a community-based grantmaking model, The Women’s Fund leverages a uniquely diverse group of grant readers to inform its funding decisions. This year, nearly 200 grant readers reviewed and evaluated 42 grant applications proposing innovative ways to disrupt gender norms and create gender equity, ultimately empowering women and girls for the benefit of all. 

The Women’s Fund is deeply committed to increasing investments in programs that transform the lives of women of color. Through its recent unprecedented research report studying the wealth gap faced by central Ohio women, the organization found that a single black woman in central Ohio owns only 2 cents for every dollar owned by a single white man. Moreover, industry data indicates that only 0.6% of national grantmaking dollars go to programs seeking to positively impact women of color. With this year’s grant slate, The Women’s Fund will invest 47 times the national rate in organizations focused specifically on opportunities for women of color.

“Our goal year-after-year is to invest more robustly and more boldly than the year before,” said Kelley Griesmer, President and CEO of The Women’s Fund. “Delivering on our mission to transform the lives of women and girls means we must provide courage capital to address the critical needs of women that have been traditionally undervalued and overlooked.” 

This year, The Women’s Fund received a record-breaking number of grant applications that warranted funding. To amplify investment in well-deserving programs, The Columbus Foundation has partnered with The Women’s Fund to augment resources available for 2020 grantmaking. 

“We’re proud to bolster The Women’s Fund’s ability to fund an unprecedented number of programs aimed at creating social change that strengthens and improves our community, especially for women and girls of color,” said Douglas F. Kridler, President and CEO of The Columbus Foundation. “We are deeply committed to building a community where all people flourish, and the grants made by The Women’s Fund help us achieve that goal.”

Funding will be awarded to grant partners in January 2020. To learn about the 2020 grant partners, visit here and to learn about the collective impact of the organization’s grantmaking, visit here.