We celebrate every woman and girl’s participation – regardless of her ethnicity, race, age, sexual orientation, economic status, or faith. We empower women and girls to receive, providing them opportunities reach their full potential. We gather women and girls together at events throughout the year – to educate and to celebrate. 

The United State of Women has launched the Galvanize Program, a nationwide effort to turn the passion of women across the country into strategic action.

Columbus will host a Galvanize mini-summit August 12-13, to mobilize, inspire, and empower women with the tools to lead in their local communities. The Galvanize Program in Columbus will train participants to take action today to change tomorrow.

"By convening voices ready to advocate for women and girls, we will influence the greater conversation." said Nichole Dunn, President & CEO of The Women's Fund of Central Ohio and Co-Chair of the Columbus Galvanize Program.

The Galvanize Program will allow participants to explore gender equality issues and a broad set of national and local policies that impact women and their communities. Attendees will choose one of five tracks based on their interests to receive in-depth and skills-based training developed by national partner organizations.

  • Political Candidates – Training developed by Vote, Run, Lead
  • Campaign Management – Training developed by Wellstone
  • Grassroots Organizing – Training developed by Midwest Academy
  • Leadership – Training developed by Bossed Up
  • Entrepreneurship – Training developed by BRAVA Investments

Learn more and register here

Open Houses

Every quarter we open our office doors and offer the opportunity for you to stop by and learn more about the work of The Women's Fund. It’s an evening to share and connect with others committed to the potential of women and girls.

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