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Gender By Us™ Facilitator Workshop: How to host a conversation and build connections

Change is ignited when conversation is sparked. Participate in a two-part training to be equipped with the tools to host a Gender By Us™ conversation.  Learn how to initiate dialogue about societal expectations of gender and address implicit bias. Utilize your influence to disrupt rigid social norms and mobilize action.

 September 12 5:30-7:00pm The Women’s Fund office 2323 W 5th Ave. Columbus, OH 43204 Suite 230

  • Night one: Participate in a Gender By Us™ conversation while learning how to facilitate a conversation and prepare to host your own in the next two months. You will leave with a clear understanding of implicit bias, a toolkit, and the confidence to disrupt rigid gender norms.

November 9 5:30-7:00pmThe Women’s Fund office 2323 W 5th Ave. Columbus, OH 43204 Suite 230

  • Night two: Connect with other facilitators and reflect on the experiences you found to be successful through hosting your own Gender By Us™ conversations and how others used the toolkit to stimulate powerful dialogue.

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Cost: $35 for the series; scholarships available 

Advocacy in Action: State Government 101

Begin to create a community of change-makers.  Our forums will move you off the sidelines and onto the frontlines of social change.  In the first of a series of workshops, you will be armed with the tools to channel your passion into advocacy.

September 195:30-7:00 PMThe Women’s Fund office 2323 W 5th Ave. Columbus, OH 43204 Suite 230

  • At this Government 101 forum you will learn what you can do at the state level to move the needle for social change. This includes how to contact your state legislators, find information about legislation that matters to you, and submit testimony on a bill that you care about.

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Cost: $10; scholarships available. 

Influence Change as a Grant Reader: Application Now Open

We arm women and men with the tools to create social change. The Women’s Fund is an innovative grantmaker, empowering community members to read, evaluate, and score grant proposals to influence change and make funding decisions. The Huntington Grant Reader process is a fundamental piece to the mission of The Women’s Fund.

 October 2 &16 │5:30-8:30 PM │ 7 Easton Oval, Columbus, OH 43219

  • After participating in Grant Reading, Grant Readers will have a clear understanding of gender norms, gender lens, social change, and the organizations and programs that are influencing change in the community. The women, girls, and men who participate will make meaningful connections with others who share a passion for causes that impact women and girls.

All Grant Readers must be able to read and score 4 to 5 proposals (the average length is 8-10 pages each) between October 2 and 16.

The Women’s Fund is committed to an inclusive and diverse Grant Reading program. While there is more interest than spots available, all girls, women, and men living in central Ohio who are interested are invited to apply.

Click here to apply, application will be open until September 6.

Cindy Sherman: Imitation of Life

Join The Women's Fund of Central Ohio at the Wexner Center for the Arts for Cindy Sherman: Imitation of Life, a comprehensive survey spanning four decades, and featuring more than 100 works by the artist. This exhibition concludes a year in which every artist featured in the Wexner Center galleries was a woman.

Engage in the conversation about the effects and implications of gender norms through the lens of the exhibition and the influence of mass media on the representation of women.

October 1│ 12:00-4:00pm │Wexner Center for the Arts- 1871 N High St, Columbus, OH 43210

Admission is complimentary.

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Advocacy in Action: Voters Forum

Do you wish you had a foundation of knowledge and desire to apply it to the upcoming election to make decisions that reflect your passion and values? League of Women Voters of Ohio and The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio explore the current issues on the ballot, what you can do to advocate for women and girls in your community, and how to encourage and promote voter registration within your networks.

 October 12 │5:30-8:30 PM │ The Women’s Fund office 2323 W 5th Ave. Columbus, OH 43204 Suite 230

Hear from proponents and opponents of Marsy’s Law and the Drug Price Relief Act and how these issues can be looked at through a gender lens.

Issue 1- Marsy’s Law

  • For: Cathy Harper Lee, Executive Director of Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center
  • Against: Representative TBD

Issue 2 – Drug Price Relief Act

  • For: Victoria Zyp, Yes on Issue 2 Campaign
  • Against: Maureen Corcoran, President of Vorys Health Care Advisors and former Medicaid Director under Governor Strickland

Moderated by: Jocelyn Armstrong, Assistant Executive Director and Director of Diversity, Columbus Bar Association

This event is free and open to the community. RSVP to attend
Suggested donation: $10

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Stay tuned for more events coming soon

Equal Pay Day through an Intersectional lens 

July 31 marked African American Women’s Equal Pay Day. This is the day African American women must work into the current year to make the same amount a white man did in the previous year. 

The reality of the pay gap persists, and we’re committed to disrupting it. In April, we highlighted this gap with #WageWeek, a week long initiative to connect voices in the community by looking at the pay gap and gender bias through Gender By Us™ conversations.

To keep the conversation going, on July 31, we went live on Facebook with Linda Kanney of the National Coalition for 100 Black Women Central Ohio Chapter to discuss this disparity and why it matters that we use an intersectional lens when looking at the pay gap.