Throughout the year we empower women and girls to give – not only of their time, but also of their money. We celebrate every woman and girl’s participation – regardless of her ethnicity, race, age, sexual orientation, economic status, or faith. We empower women and girls to receive, providing them opportunities reach their full potential. We gather women and girls together at events throughout the year – to educate and to celebrate. 

Let's ignite change together! Be part of a day to educate, motivate, and advocate as we apply a gender lens to public policy February 16.

Wendy Davis, Founder and Director of Deeds Not Words, a nonprofit dedicated to turning ideas into action, and former Texas Senator will join us as our lunch guest speaker.

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Open Houses

Every quarter we open our office doors and offer the opportunity for you to stop by and learn more about the work of The Women's Fund. It’s an evening to share and connect with others committed to the potential of women and girls.

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