100 Voices for Equity: A Big Table Conversation on Closing the Gender and Racial Wealth Gap

August 28, 11:00 am

The gender and racial wealth gap plays a fundamental role in affecting all women’s potential for economic empowerment and leadership, and has intergenerational economic impacts on the lives of girls and women. Closing the gap is integral to women’s economic security, good health, and civic and political engagement.

Join 100 community members on August 28th for a Big Table conversation on the gender and racial wealth gap in central Ohio. Aligned with The Columbus Foundation’s Big Table, and based on findings from the recently commissioned report by The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio, this event will feature ten small group discussions, each one with a unique focus on topics related to the gender and racial wealth gap.

Come learn about the gender and racial wealth gap and why it matters, share your voice and story, build connections with each other, learn about the partner organizations and the work they are doing, and find out how you can get start to get involved. Sign up today!

Brought to you by The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio, YWCA Columbus, United Way of Central Ohio, The Kirwan Institute, the Columbus Women’s Commission, AFCPE, Columbus City Council, the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Closing the Women’s Wealth Gap, and the Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network.

Assets for Equity:

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