The Women’s Fund exists to advocate, convene, and influence. To advocate simply means to give voice. The Women’s Fund gives voice to issues impacting women and girls. To convene means to bring people together. And, we are creating influence around issues that really matter.

The Women’s Fund advocates for women and girls through our policy goals of enhancing Economic Self-Sufficiency for Women, increasing Leadership Roles for Women, improving Lifeskills for Girls, and eradicating Gender Norms. We communicate our priority issues to the central Ohio community and build our advocacy capacity by hosting public events. We engage central Ohio Women’s Fund supporters in advocacy activities that mobilize the collective power of women to focus on social change. As we work, we evaluate our effectiveness and seek best practices to meet our goals.

Our public policy areas include:
1. Minimum wage
2. Pay equity
3. Paid leave
4. Teen pregnancy prevention


On February 16, 2017 The Women's Fund of Central Ohio is led a day to ignite change bringing the community together for a day to educate, motivate, and advocate by applying a gender lens to public policy. 

Co-hosted by organizations from all around the state of Ohio, over 350 people came to the Statehouse and look through a gender lens at issues impacting women and girls. Using a gender lens means examining a particular issue with a focus on the real life conditions of women and girls—and acknowledging that gender is a powerful predictor of experience and opportunity. We will be proactive, take actions, and use all of our voices to create a future where every woman and family can be economically secure. Together we ask the questions to find root cause solutions. All for the sake of building a community that thrives. 

Made possible by The Lori & Bill Seaman Fund