In 2001, a group of central Ohio women came together to establish a fund to improve the lives of women and girls and to create significant social and economic change throughout our society. The Women’s Fund’s mission remains the same: Transform the lives of women and girls by mobilizing the collective power and passion of all women working together.

Board of Directors

  • Wendy Arlin, Chair
  • Lori Kaiser, Treasurer
  • Angela Petro, Chair Elect
  • Dina Tantra, Secretary
  • Aisha Allen
  • Deborah Aubert Thomas
  • Carol Andreae
  • Anne Boninsegna
  • Kathy Bowman
  • Ingrid Brownlee
  • Lonni Dieck
  • Jean Droste
  • Jennifer Fountain
  • Michelle Leedy
  • Sandra Lopez
  • Denise Mirman
  • Debbie Mitchell
  • Urvi Patel
  • Susan Rector
  • Susan Snowden
  • Heather Whaling
  • Jennifer Yaross
  • Kim Zavislak


  • Carol Andreae
  • Sharon Cameron
  • Loann Crane
  • Sally Crane Cox
  • Barbara Fergus
  • Judy Garel
  • Stephanie Hightower
  • Nancy Jeffrey
  • Cathe Chapin Kobacker
  • Melodee Kornacker
  • Mary Lazarus
  • Ann Pizzuti
  • Kathy Ransier
  • Emily Rutherford
  • Jody G. Scheiman


It is with mixed emotions—equal parts happiness, sadness, and gratitude—that we announce that our CEO, Nichole Dunn, has been named the new CEO of Flying Horse Farms. As Nichole leaves The Women’s Fund, we are well-positioned to accelerate the pace of social change for women and girls.

Now more than ever, the work of The Women’s Fund is needed in this community. We are fiercely committed to driving social change for the sake of gender equality. The Women’s Fund board will initiate an external search to identify and recruit our next CEO. We are confident that we will attract a top-tier individual who will lead the Fund into the future, channeling this community’s passion for gender equality into strategies that bring forth action.

We are incredibly grateful to Nichole for her remarkable leadership since 2008, and look forward to seeing how she continues to apply her skillset, vision, and passion to provide transformative experiences for kids with serious illnesses and their families at Flying Horse Farms. Congratulations to the Flying Horse Farms team, who will soon learn what we’ve experienced: Nichole Dunn is one of central Ohio’s best leaders.