Game Changers: Billie Jean King & Lisa Ling


On May 4, Lisa Ling will interview Billie Jean King on the Keyholder stage at the Ohio Theatre.

Two game changers in their own right, these visionary women have always thought about the bigger picture.

“No one changes the world who isn’t obsessed.” – Billie Jean King

A literal game-changer, Billie Jean is known for her tennis victory in 1973, when she beat Bobby Riggs in the Battle of the Sexes. Her contributions, however, extend far beyond just one monumental tennis match; she’s a champion in both athletics and advocacy.

“I wanted to use sports for social change.” – Billie Jean King

In her nearly 50 years as an tennis competitor and human rights activist, King has opened doors for others. She worked for women to have equal opportunities to play sports, be recognized as talented athletes, and make a living by playing if they were good. Billie Jean saw the need and opportunity to use her privilege as a platform.

“My hope is that I can somehow raise the level of consciousness about world events.” – Lisa Ling

Lisa Ling shares this quality. An award-winning journalist and feminist, she uses her platforms to share stories that are too often ignored, the stories that don’t make the headlines.

She’s traveled to over 24 countries, reporting about topics such as daughters with incarcerated mothers, female suicide bombers, and bride burning in India. With dignity, respect and compassion, Lisa gives people space to tell their story. An expert at transforming an intense narrative by humanizing it, her features become digestible and relatable for the viewer. Through This is Life on CNN and many previous platforms, Lisa operates as a channel, creating a bridge for the world and inviting audiences to engage in conscious viewership.

Lisa will bring her evoking and thought-provoking superpower to the Keyholder stage in her conversation with Billie Jean King, who equally as eloquent and emotive in her stories.

Both women have dedicated their careers to advocacy.

Both women have lived with intention.

Both women will join us Thursday, May 4th—the question is, will you be there?

Tickets on sale now, click here to get yours.

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